Prayer Walls

Church-Wide Focus
Dr. Doug Witherup
Lead Pastor

Pray that we would be formed according to the Word of God. Isaiah 45:9 says
9 Woe to him who strives with him who formed him
Does the clay say to him who forms it, “What are you making?”
We’re all being formed by something. What are you being formed by?
Pray that as Christians we would not be formed by our circumstances, emotions, social media, experiences, the opinions of others, or cultural norms and what is accepted by society. Pray that we would be formed by The Word of God. Pray that our minds, emotions, and actions would be formed by The Word. Pray that our church would always be formed by the Word. Pray that our communities, schools, and government would be formed by The Word.

Southeastern University Focus
Pastor Kevin Smith
Lead Family Life Pastor/SEU Director

As we begin to wrap up the summer session, things are in full swing for the upcoming 2021 – 22 academic year. Please be in prayer for our students and their faculty and staff. There is a lot of preparation underway. Please pray that our students would get registered for their classes and pray that they would be able to get all of their finances in order to find their needs for school. And when it comes to our faculty, please pray that God would divinely lead them as they prepare their curriculum and classrooms to be learning environments for the next generation.

Family Life Focus
Pastor Nicki Smosna, Pastor Mikayla Ellis

Featured Schools:

  • Charles E. Boger Elementary School
  • Wolf Meadow Elementary School
  • Harold E. Winkler Middle School
  • Cabarrus County Early College

Join us in prayer for students and faculty of this month’s featured schools to be (1) Open for God’s presence, (2) Boldness for believing students & faculty to lead their peers in Finding Life & Freedom, and (3) Anointing on teachers to speak into the next generation. Lastly, join us on the offensive as we pray for the spiritual and physical growth of children within the family, that they will have the boldness to use their armor of God in and outside of school.

Missions Focus
Pastor Gwen Stowers, Pastor Harrison Skey
Featured Missionary
Mike and Laura Clark are workers serving in Germany primarily, but also have ties that give them opportunities to work in the Middle East as well, training local leaders in those countries on humanitarian efforts. Of course, in the midst of training these leaders, they also have the opportunity to share the Gospel and plant the seed. Considering the ongoing turmoil in the Middle East, much prayer is needed for their work. They are also working with a church plant in Austria. Pray for divine appointments with people of influence, and for the Gospel to take root in Germany, the Middle East, and anywhere else they may minister. Pray for providence and for lost souls to come to be disciples of Jesus.Featured

Featured Dream Center Ministry
Prison Ministry is a ministry that has been closed for some time due to the crisis that the world has been facing for some time now. However, as of late, the prisons have opened back up so our teams can go in and speak the truth of the Gospel. As you could imagine, the broken hearts and souls in prison are most likely even more broken today than they were a year ago. They need the hope of Jesus. They need the life of the Spirit. They need to experience life abundantly, as Jesus has given us! Pray for open hearts in the prisons as ministry teams spend time with them in the word, discipleship, and prayer.

Featured Multiply Church Ministry
Arts Department
Pastor Jerry Skaggs

Pray for creative blessings, physical protection and spiritual impact of our summer camp SMACK.
Pray for SMACK Directors, Patricia McTigue and Pastor Jerry and Randi Skaggs, the Leadership Staff, the Volunteers and the hundreds of Student Campers that will be on campus during July.
Pray that God’s favor will rest upon this camp in this new season — that His grace will be demonstrated throughout every action and His power will be realized and felt in every life — and our community to be eternally changed.

Concord Academy

Please pray that the Lord will direct the hearts of students and families for whom Concord Academy could be the perfect academic and Spiritual fit. Pray for the returning families as they prepare for the new school year. Also, continue to pray that the teachers enjoy a restful time of renewal as the Lord prepares their hearts for the ministry opportunities the 2021-2022 school year will offer. We thank the Multiply Church prayer team for their continued support of Concord Academy.

Local Government
Thank God for the Fire Department’s commitment to serve and protect our community. Pray for God’s protection and blessing over every firefighter, and to give them strength, energy, and wisdom. Ask God to increase resources and technology to provide a more efficient fire department. Let us find tangible ways to personally thank a firefighter.