Prayer Walls

Church-Wide Focus
Dr. Doug Witherup
Lead Pastor

Please pray for those who have given their hearts to Jesus in this Easter Season. Thank God for them finding life and living wide awake to the love of God and fully alive to their purpose.

Pray that they find family—that they would do something they love with people they love by connecting in a group.
Pray that they find freedom—that they would be filled with the Holy Spirit and would realize that living in God’s “yes” is so much bigger and better than living in His “no”.
Pray that they find purpose—that they would ask, “What could God do through me?” and become a world-changer and a multiplier by finding a hurt and healing it and by finding a need and meeting it.

Southeastern University Focus
Pastor Kevin Smith
Lead Family Life Pastor/SEU Director

Please be in prayer for our spring tour season for SEU Carolina. Many parents and students will be walking the halls of our campus over the next couple of months before decision day—a day when many students decide early on what college they wish to attend. Pray that the advertisements will be successful at generating the leads for the tours; pray for the tours to go well, and pray that the right students will make the decision to come to SEU Carolina.

Family Life Focus
Pastor Mikayla Ellis, Pastor Justin Simpson
Please join us in prayer for the students and faculty of this month’s featured schools: W.M. Irvin Elementary School, Royal Oaks Elementary School, and Hickory Ridge (middle and high). We are praying for these teacher and student bodies to be open for God’s presence; for those who are believers to have boldness to lead their peers in finding life and freedom, and for anointing on the teachers to speak into the next generation. Lastly, join us on the offensive as we pray against illness, discord, and weapons of the enemy to be rendered useless over your family and others.

Multiply Evangelism Focus
Pastor Marvel Pope
Congregational Care
As you pray for the lost this month, I encourage you to pray Acts 26:18: “Open their eyes so they may turn from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God. Then they will receive forgiveness for their sins.” It is our responsibility to pray for the lost and be ever ready with the gospel for those who are lost, broken, and searching. Ask God to show you those that are searching for truth and to give you the boldness to respond to the lost to become wide awake to the love of God and fully alive to their purpose in Him.

Missions Focus
Pastor Gwen Stowers, Pastor Harrison Skey
Featured Missionary
In order to protect the missionaries and their ministry, they will remain unnamed. Serving in Sri Lanka and Maldives, this missionary family is working to establish relationships with locals for future gospel partnership. Sri Lanka and Maldives are two spiritually difficult countries. Most people are set in ways of the world, giving no consideration toward the gospel. Pray for divine encounters, softened hearts, and more workers for this area. Pray that the hearts of the people would be turned to fertile soil for the Gospel to be planted.

Featured Dream Center Ministry
At Corner Field Market, God has expanded our reach into the community like never before. More and more people are coming to receive food assistance in our community. While the past year has been a whirlwind as it pertains to fighting food insecurity, Corner Field Market and its volunteers have persevered. Please pray as systems are optimized once again to show the love of Jesus to each client who comes through. Pray for the food to be multiplied in their homes and communities. Pray for those who do not know Jesus to come to know Him.

Featured Multiply Church Ministry: The Worship Team
Pastor Adam Bauguess
God has given us the gift of music as a tool to encourage, strengthen, and empower the body of Christ. Our prayer is that our worship will draw others closer to the Father, moving us from a place of experiencing worship to engaging in worship. Pray that God continues to pour out His favor over new songs of the house as the Holy Spirit speaks through the heart of our Pastor and the direction God has designed for the future of the worship ministry. As we continue walking in His blessing, pray God will surround us with the power of His Spirit and the promises of His faithfulness.

Concord Academy
Concord Academy welcomes spring and the Easter Holiday. Praise the Lord for the rebirth and new life that spring represents, and most importantly resurrection power! Thank you for your prayers for our staff and families. Please continue to pray for the Lord to guide families for which Concord Academy would be both a fit and a blessing for the 2021-2022 school year. Also, please pray for the staff as we prepare for “live” May events with some lifted and some still-in-place Covid restrictions. Pray for the Lord’s wisdom and direction as we consider the best options for the many events of May, including graduation ceremonies.

Local Government
Pray for Mt. Pleasant and for Mayor Del Eudy, Mayor Pro Tem Lori Furr, and the commissioners: Justin Simpson, Steve Ashby, William Meadows, and Jim Sells to have the wisdom and unity in their growing community. Ask the Lord to bring them innovative opportunities that will provide the exceptional quality of life their citizens desire from the community.