Prayer Walls

Church-Wide Focus
| Dr. Doug Witherup
| Lead Pastor

Let’s continue to pray that God would break the consumer spirit and that we would become Multipliers

  • Pray that our identity would be formed by daily reading the Word of God
  • Pray that we would discover our APEST (apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, shepherding, teaching) gifting and would use that in ministry in the house of God and in the marketplace
  • Pray that we would be people of generosity
  • Pray that we would be soul winners and for opportunities to lead people to Christ
  • Pray that we would be both “Andrews” (bringing people to church) and “Philips” (sharing Jesus with others in the marketplace)
  • Pray that we would multiply as soul-winners
  • Pray that we would be unified and “all in, heart and soul”

Southeastern University Focus:
| Pastor Kevin Smith
| Lead Family Life Pastor/SEU Director

We are beginning to wrap up the first classes at the start of the academic year. This can be a stressful time for students that are finding their rhythm and creating healthy disciplines for turning in work. Please be in prayer for our student body that they would be free from anxiety, doubt, worry, and fear. Pray that the Peace of God that passes all understanding with comfort them and give them boldness and confidence to step into the next round of classes for the semester.

Family Life Focus
| Pastor Nicki Smosna, Pastor Thomas Lee

Featured School:
| Carl A. Furr Elementary School |
W.R. Odell Elementary School |
C.C. Griffin Middle School |
Cox Mill High School

Join us in prayer for the students and faculty of this month’s featured schools to be:

  • Open for God’s presence
  • Boldness for believing students &amp faculty to lead their peers in Finding Life &amp
  • Anointing on teachers to speak into the next generation
  • Join us as we pray for healthy marriages throughout our community, especially as we are about to enter the holiday season that strife will cease within families.

Missions Focus
| Pastor Gwen Stowers, Pastor Harrison Skey

Featured Global Worker:

Austin and Kayti Young are workers serving in a sensitive Middle Eastern country. They work directly with the local people to develop relationships and eventually share the Gospel. Pray for the long-term relationships the Youngs have with the locals, and pray for deep transformation by the Gospel. They are soon heading back to the field, after a season of fundraising. Pray for their family’s transition and especially for their four young children transitioning back to life on the field.

Featured Dream Center Ministry

Specialized Ministries works specifically in ministering to the mentally and physically disabled in our community through weekly services and relationships. Pray for this ministry to be able to meet safely, as COVID has presented some challenges due to medical concerns. Pray for relationships to be planted deep in the Spirit and in the Word.

Concord Academy

Concord Academy’s programs: academic, athletic, and the arts are in full swing. Please pray for all of the fall athletic teams as they conclude their seasons, the students as they conclude the first quarter of academic studies, and the fine arts department as students prepare to attend the NCTC Regional Play Festival. Also, pray for the Lord’s guidance upon Concord Academy teachers as they are renewed and refreshed during the annual Teachers Conference. Thank you for your prayers for Concord Academy!

Local Government

Pray for our community leaders, local and state officials, and those up for election that they will be God-fearing people and lead with Biblical principles and wisdom.  Ask the Lord to raise up His appointed leaders in the coming elections and move on the people’s hearts to vote with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Bill Ballance – Prayer

Focused prayer on government National Leadership, NC state leadership, and leadership of Cabarrus County.

  • Pray for the peace of Jerusalem
  • Pray against the continual spread of the Covid virus
  • Pray against the spirit of fear people are under
  • Pray for families who have lost loved ones