Traditional church planting options can offer you one of two things. Running a satellite location for a multi-site model institution can provide community and connection without the opportunity to preach and teach. Planting through a church planting organization gives you the chance to preach but can leave you without community or a support system after the launch date.

The Multiply Family allows combines these models by providing a consistent support system and the opportunity to speak and teach.

Built With Your Community In Mind

Unlike multi-site churches that endeavor to make each campus look and feel the same — Multiply turns this church model on its head — making each location mirror the diversity of the community it serves.

Local pastors lead and local believers gather, each with one goal in mind – to multiply. 

In the Gospels, Jesus calls on his followers to multiply – by going out, teaching his message, and baptizing people. The Great Commission is fueled by one thing, detailed in John 13:35: “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

We embrace this age-old story — believing that if it happened in the Bible, it can happen today. We express our faith by gathering with families, singing our psalms, and hearing God’s Word, then stepping outside to love our neighbors. 

We invite you to check out a location close to your home. 

Our History

We have 62 years of tradition, history, and organizational support of the Assemblies of God behind us — providing a safety net of experience, while reflecting the progress of cultural change. 

Founding Pastor Tom Whidden responded to the call of God to plant a church in Concord, NC, at a revival service at Southeastern College. He and his wife Betty pulled a 17-foot camper trailer from Florida onto a vacant lot without knowing a soul in the area. They started the Concord church in a movie theater in 1958 with 32 people. 

Multiply Church has grown to multiple locations and programs that serve our communities with outreach, education, volunteering and more. What remains the same is the faithful response to God’s call to multiply.

Our Passion

The world is full of people who go through the motions of life. They’re walking around, but spiritually, they’re asleep. Our passion is that every person receives the breath of God through accepting Jesus as their Savior so they will live WIDE AWAKE to the love of God and FULLY ALIVE to their purpose.

Our Vision

Our vision is Loving Jesus and Changing the World. Everything falls under those: life, family, freedom, and purpose. Our frame of reference for all of our decision making and all of our programming comes through those filters:


We create weekly worship experiences where people can receive the breath of God through salvation so they would live Wide Awake to the love of God and Fully Alive to their purpose.


We create tribes where people can do something they love with people they love.


We create a process to help people experience true freedom and growth in their relationship with Jesus.


We create opportunities for people to be World Changers by joining teams that find a hurt and heal it; find a need and meet it.

What We Believe

Multiply Church is affiliated with the Assemblies of God. Here is what we believe.