Welcome to Multiply Church!

The world is full of people who are walking around but are not awake; who are going through the motions but are not alive. Our passion is that every person receives the breath of God through accepting Christ as their Savior so they will live WIDE AWAKE to the love of God and FULLY ALIVE to their purpose.

Loving Jesus

We create weekly worship experiences where people can receive the breath of God through salvation so they would live Wide Awake to the love of God and Fully Alive to their purpose.

We create tribes where people can do something they love with people they love.

Changing the World

We create a process to help people experience true freedom and growth in their relationship with Jesus.

We create opportunities for people to be World Changers by joining teams that find a hurt and heal it; find a need and meet it.

Join Us for Worship

Join us for worship at one of our Multiply Church locations.

What We Believe

Multiply Church is affiliated with the Assemblies of God. Here is what we believe.