About Center City

Center City is a church committed to ministering to each community it serves. We have seen people from all over the world find a home here in the Queen City. We believe God has placed Center City Church in the middle of all that growth in order to help people discover life, family, freedom, and purpose through an authentic relationship with God.

One Heart

Center City Church was planted in the heart of Charlotte in 2010 under the leadership of founding pastors David and Dara Docusen. In 2015, we moved from the Elizabeth neighborhood to West Charlotte, but our heart has always been the same: to love God and change the world, wherever we are in the city.

Celebrating Diversity

In 2019, Pastors Jon and Jess Hernandez were elected to the Lead Pastor role. Today, in partnership with the Multiply Family of Churches, we are uniquely positioned to reach our growing city. Our leadership reflects the diversity found in our beautiful city. We come from different backgrounds, but we’re united in our love for God and this city.

Take the Next Step

We want to connect with you. Our team is ready to help you find a group or answer any questions you may still have. We would love for you to come visit, get connected, and begin to walk in the purpose God has designed for you.