Prayer Walls

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 

Philippians 4:6 NIV

Church-Wide Focus | Dr. Doug Witherup | Senior Pastor

This month, as a church, we are enacting various initiatives to reach into our community and share the Gospel. Pray with me for our Wonderland Christmas Festival, Christmas Spectacular Production, and Sunday Services. Pray that the people who come to Wonderland and the Production will encounter God as they step onto our campus. Pray that God’s power would overcome them and ignite a deep love for God in their hearts. Pray that as we preach the Gospel this Christmas season, that hearts and minds will be open to hearing the Word of God and the message of salvation. I encourage you to prophesy salvation, blessing, and the presence of God over our church and community this December! Let’s have great expectations for all God is going to do!

Pastor Bill Ballance | Congregational Care

  • Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. 
  • Pray for the Christmas season to be a harvest season of salvations for God’s Kingdom.  
  • Pray for Crossover finances to be blessed with miracle provision.
  • Pray for God’s presence to be strongly in our services, and that this revival spirit would invade our city, families, schools, and businesses.  
  • Pray in authority over the ministries of Multiply Church. Pray for healings, miracles, and every demonstration of God’s glory. 

Pastor LaDonna Doggette | Groups & Guest Services

Christmas Season is here. Please pray for our families as they serve and help others during this season. There are people who don’t have family here in our area or are alone, let’s remember to reach out and show the love of Jesus. This is an opportunity to play a critical part in reaching people who may not know Jesus. Pray we have a place for community and opening our homes to welcome people in.

As tribe leaders and volunteers, we will be challenged, stretched and used to have an eternal Kingdom impact as we serve others. We have been entrusted with God’s most precious resource – His people. Lets pray Multiply Church will be a place for all people to find life, find family, find freedom, find purpose.

Matthew 5:16, “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven”

Southeastern University Focus | Pastor Kevin Smith | SEU Director

SEU Carolina is going to be offering dual enrollment for students at Concord Academy starting fall 2023–24. We are so excited about this opportunity to bring private Christ centered education to high school students in our area. Please be in prayer that God will bless us with the necessary adjuncts that we need to provide in-person instruction for this program.

Family Life Focus:

Pastor Nicki Smosna & Pastor Nick Pinion | Kids Ministry

    We are so thankful for the move of God, we are praying that we continue to steward His presence well and that each child, the ones that know Him and the ones who are starting to know Him, will continue to grow hungry for His presence in their lives.

    We are praying for the families in our area during this coming holiday season, for families in need physically that God would provide everything they need, and for families who are in need spiritually that they would turn to God.

    We are continuing prayers for the kid’s ministry volunteers, that God would continue to strengthen and grow the ones we have, and for ones who haven’t decided to serve yet that God would begin to put a desire in their hearts for the kids in our church.

    Pastor Thomas Lee | Youth Ministry

    As students are wrapping up their current semester, pray for them to finish strong. Finals put a lot of stress on students so pray for peace and that they would see God is walking through these last weeks at school with them. While many of our students have wonderful families to spend the holidays with, we have students who will be missing a loved one or dealing with tight finances this season. Pray that they would still see the endless joy Jesus has for them and their families. Merry Christmas!

    Missions Focus | Pastor Gwen Stowers | Missions and Outreach

    Featured Missionary

    Christina and Steve Walent are missionaries to Northern Europe. They recently made the move from Germany to Finland. They are partnered with Church Basics International to help churches all over Northern Europe, specifically in Finland, to create a healthy God centered foundation. They host training sessions to equip church leaders with the tools they need to run healthy prospering churches. 

    We ask that you pray:

      • A prayer of praise because they are settled into their new homes and are excited where the Lord is going to take them.
      • For Christina, they found a cyst and when they went to remove it the doctors also realized she had cancerous cells. She is very blessed that they found it as soon as they did. However, she is currently undergoing chemo as a precaution.
      • For God to open the right doors so they can start equipping more churches with the tools they need.
      • For their youngest daughter, Emilie, as she stayed in Germany to finish her studies.
      • For their former team in Germany. That they may continue to strengthen God’s kingdom by equipping more leaders and churches.

    Featured Dream Center Ministry

    Gate Pregnancy Center is one of our Dream Center partners that aims to assist young women who are walking through the season of an undesired pregnancy. Gate is always focused on practically helping the people that come in, but they are even more focused on sharing the love of Jesus to the people that step into their space

    We ask that you pray:

        • For Gate and the women who will be ministered to.
        • For their assistance during the pregnancy process, and that the people receiving assistance would find life, freedom, family, and purpose in Jesus.
        • For the best outcome from their one-on-one bi-weekly coaching, over 200 English and Spanish videos on pregnancy, parenting, and life balance issues, as well as group classes on preparing for delivery, breastfeeding, infant CPR and car seat safety
      • For the Lord to touch lives as they share the good news of eternal life with every client that comes into their doors

    Concord Academy

    Concord Academy is so blessed to be able to celebrate JESUS everyday and especially during the Christmas season. Please pray that every Christmas event and program will be blessed with the presence of JESUS, and that HIS presence will permeate the entire campus. Please pray the Lord’s protection over those traveling and strength for students as they complete the semester and semester exams.

    Local Government

    As the homeless population is increasing, we are seeing greater numbers of the homeless over the age of 65 and on fixed incomes who have little to no family who are assisting them. Many are in need of medications and hot nutritious meals. Though we have agencies in Cabarrus County that assist with the needs, they are unable to meet the demand and as winter approaches funding needs are increased as well. Please pray for supernatural solutions to an ever growing challenge for those who are homeless, those who serve them and those who are making decisions regarding their well-being.